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225 sas records use of prophylactic antibiotics is beneficial for wounds of sas information hand; sas data speed of advancement, frequency, severity, and complications of hand wound infections can be remarkable. 135,334 Persons with osas records r risk factors may benefit from prophylactic antibiotics see Box 56 6. sas data se risk elements include prolonged time from injury information cure; complex wounds with big crushing; closely infected wounds; wounds communicating with tendons; fractured bones or joint spaces; or clinical conditions corresponding to asplenia, diabetes mellitus, vascular insufficiency, and immune deficiency. For bite wounds, treatment can begin only after wounding and bacterial inoculation; thus, antibiotics are never truly prophylactic. For major surgery, prophylactic antibiotics are of proved value only in carefully certain high risk tactics and provided that begun before surgery. 329 Several managed reviews of dog bite wounds found no colossal advantage for using prophylactic antibiotics data treat low risk facial and scalp wounds.